Tracking Masks in Premiere Pro

Tracking Masks in Premiere Pro – is a chapter from Ashley Kennedy’s course: Video Post Tips Weekly. In this brief tutorial, Ashley will demonstrate tracking masks in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Video Post Tips Weekly description:

Video Post Tips Weekly provides a new, targeted tip every Wednesday, focusing on specific tools and techniques in platforms such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and Avid Media Composer. Future episodes will cover topics such as mask tracking and secondary color correction and, in most cases, will explore the same technique in more than one type of software. Ashley Kennedy shows you the right way to approach post-production tasks, but also offers her own advice and quick-and-dirty workarounds for when you have to make edits and corrections fast.

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About the instructor:


Ashley Kennedy is a video post-production staff author for In addition to creating online courses, she has hundreds of hours of experience leading face-to-face classes and facilitating online and hybrid courses. She has also written two textbooks on video editing, which have been widely used by editors and film students worldwide.

Prior to joining the team, she taught in the post-production track at Columbia College Chicago for five years. Before that, she was the principle instructor and certifications program manager at Avid, where she taught and developed the Avid Certified curriculum and managed the Avid Certified Instructor worldwide program.

Ashley holds a BS in broadcast journalism from the University of Illinois, and an MFA in film from Boston University. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and two children


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