SG//ARTS Create Title Graphics for Phenomenon

Design and motion graphics studio, SG//Arts has completed a compelling main title, graphics package and show open for NBC’s new series premiere of “Phenomenon.”

An intriguing and mystifying meeting of the minds, “Phenomenon” stars famed mentalist Uri Geller and world-renowned mystifier Criss Angel. The series follows the duo as they conduct an intensive search for the next great mentalist. The show premiered on Wednesday, October 24 at 8 p.m. (ET) with a special 2-hour special tonight for Halloween.

Based on a popular series in Israel, which also stars Uri Geller, SG//Arts was among a select group of companies that were asked to “pitch” for the “Phenomenon” project via Granada America. According to Executive Producer Michael Agbabian, “We chose SG//Arts because their work was by far the closest to what we wanted to convey for this show. Their work is very clean and distinct, and it fit perfectly with the vibe we were going for.”

For Scott Grossman, Creative Director/Founder of SG//Arts, he was inspired by the name of the show itself. “Phenomenon is such a strong word, and has so much mystique and mystery to it that a lot of ideas came just from the show’s title,” explains Grossman. “They (the client) definitely wanted to stay away from any clich?¬¨¬© images associated with magic, so they gave us abstract direction such as fire and steel. They wanted the imagery to be very minimal, which was a great starting point.”

The creative collaboration was also very rewarding, says Neil Berkeley, Executive Producer for SG//Arts. “The producers were great to work with. They kept us in the loop at every stage, which was very helpful since we were working right up to the show’s premiere. There’s a lot of iconography that goes with the stars of the show and I think Scott did a great job of combining that imagery with a design that’s unique to the show.”

About SG//Arts:
Founded in 2004, SG//Arts is a full-service broadcast design and motion graphics studio. The company’s clients look to SG//Arts for all of their broadcast design and production needs. SG//Arts’ focus is to create a unique brand identity for its clients’ projects. In doing so, they draw influence from the art world, music and the city itself. Working in close collaboration with clients, SG//Arts is able to create a final package that combines the original appeal of an SG//Arts design with the unique individuality of each client’s brand. In addition to design and broadcast animation, SG//Arts also offers its clients the following services: production, editorial, 3D design and animation and music/audio.

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