STATE Design creates motion 2014 show open

Just over one week ago, motion 2014 kicked off with this amazing show open created by Marcel Ziul at STATE Design.

 Each year, motion co-producers Elaine Montoya and Becky Padilla search far and wide for one outstanding creative – an artist who wants to unleash their creativity and show what can be achieved without bounds.

 This year, the artist selected was Marcel Ziul, President & Creative Director at STATE Design. In one month, Marcel and his talented team produced this extraordinary piece.

“Because of the tight deadline, we weren’t able to see the final piece until the afternoon before motion 2014 began,” said Montoya.

“We were totally wrapped up with speaker and technical rehearsals, but when we got the word from Marcel that he had sent the piece, Elaine and I took a break to see what Marcel and his team had come up with,” remarked Padilla.

“It was love at first sight!” exclaimed Montoya.

“But it wasn’t until the next morning, during the motion 2014 kickoff when it actually sank in. The lights went down, and the screen at the KiMo Theatre was filled with this beautifully animated piece. It’s vibrant colors and playfully animated shapes danced on the screen –announcing that motion 2014 had officially begun.”

“We both loved the piece, and truly appreciate the enormous amount of work that went into creating it!” said Padilla. “Marcel outdid himself!”

Building on the conference tagline, Feed Your Creative Brain, the :90 mixed-media opening features a combination of stop-motion, 3D and 2D animations. The vibrantly surreal sequence depicts a “sensory reboot” – challenging creatives to experience the world around them in new ways as a means to feed their creative brain.

“‘Change the way you see things’ has always been a creative mantra for both me and my company,” remarks STATE Design Partner/Creative Director Marcel Ziul, who was also a featured presenter over the course of the three days. “It’s the primary way I ‘feed my creative brain’ – to borrow from the motion tagline. The collaboration gave us a long-awaited opportunity to envision something so fundamental to our own process while exciting and inspiring others.”

Early on, the STATE team decided to use the senses of sight, sound and taste to shape the visual narrative. This included shooting practical elements in-house, such as hands, balloon shapes, food products, and a model tree. They then used After Effects to put everything together with the 3D elements. In the end, the piece was created out of 26 completely different shots.

 “This idea of seeing design everywhere really resonated with us,” explains Joe Nash, STATE Design Partner/Executive Producer. “We’re bombarded with everything life throws at us that we need to exercise our creative muscles and truly try to see things from a new perspective. It’s what we’re constantly being asked to do as artists.”

Since the concept of the open is equally sound-driven, it was critical for STATE to partner with audio company Hobo Audio in the very early stages. Ziul says that Hobo was able to help them develop and refine the story as they were designing and animating the piece.

“We really wanted this piece to be a collaboration of everyone involved,” says Nash. “It takes a team of people to create something great, and everyone’s input is invaluable. We love learning new techniques, tackling new challenges and always pushing ourselves to create better work.”

“Elaine [Montoya] and Becky [Padilla] work so hard on the show and we love their passion for motion graphics, so we were excited to deliver something unpredictable and atypical from other conference opens,” concludes Ziul. “The response has been way beyond expected.”


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