Mark Coleran: The Origin of Ideas

For as long as creativity has been understood as a concept, people have questioned and deliberated the origin of ideas. From philosophical inquiry about inspiration, to the emergence of scientific investigation in the field of psychology, there is a rich history containing valuable insight about one of the most common, yet seemingly elusive questions creators ask themselves and one another.

Sharing personal insight from 20 years of experience in the industry, Mark Coleran explores where creative ideas come from: lessons we can take from the past and the myths we hold. What are the pitfalls we can fall into as a consequence of the environments and demands made of us? A better understanding of where ideas come from, can bring new value and meaning not just to our work – but to our professional lives as creative conceivers.

We’re excited to welcome Mark Coleran – an all-time favorite – back to the motion stage. 

Mark Coleran is a visionary FUI designer known for his outstanding work in movies like The Bourne Identity and Bourne UltimatumMr. & Mrs. SmithMission Impossible 3 and many more.

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