Leviathan Holds Nothing Back on Starz “Power” Titles


To set the stage and establish the tone for Starz new hard-hitting drama Power, the show’s creators encouraged Leviathan to hold nothing back when designing the show’s main titles. Big Rich Town, the new track from the show’s executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, accompanies the lush, black-and-white visuals of the main titles, which leverage a split-screen mirror effect to hint at the story’s duality. High-contrast cinematography draws viewers into New York City, symbols of wealth and crime and close-up visions of boldness and flawless beauty.

Leviathan’s team spent two days shooting principal footage. The first day tabletop turntable objects were captured and talent on the second. To preview their desired mirror-effect on set, the crew rigged an actual mirror that split the video playback.

“We shot objects and people to represent the show’s main themes, and used the mirror-effect to reflect them in the frame,” explained Leviathan’s creative director Bradon Webb. “In the editorial process, our editor Mike LaHood creatively matched objects in frame to create relationships between different worlds.  At times we chose to break the mirroring within the frame and play with perceptions, where reflected objects weren’t exactly the same.”leviathan_power_02

 There were only a few FX shots, such as the exploding skull where a plate for the glass skull was shot in-camera. Shattering glass and particle matter was added in post using 3D software and DaVinci Resolve was utilized to perfect the final look.”


As a conceptual design company, we take a lot of pride in this collaboration with the talents behind this series,” said Chad Hutson, Leviathan’s executive producer. “With their support, we honed-in on the right concept and creative direction, then carried it all through to shoot and post-production, even ‘coloring’ the final master in-house. Working with a project like this is a dream-come-true for each of us.”

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