Sibling Rivalry Uses Humor and Action to Refresh Nicktoons Brand

Sibling Rivalry uses paper cutouts, clay, neon characters and explosions to rebrand Nicktoons.

What does a 9 year old boy think is awesome and exciting? That was the essence of the brief Sibling Rivalry received from Nicktoons to rebrand their network. Sibling Rivalry, in collaboration with Illustrator Justin Harder, created a package that was a combination of humor and action to refresh the Nicktoons brand. Their rebrand includes live action, stop motion, 2D, 3D, and explosive animation to express the wit and expression of the Nick brand.

sibling_rivalry_nicktoons_02 sibling_rivalry_nicktoons_03 sibling_rivalry_nicktoons_04 sibling_rivalry_nicktoons_05 sibling_rivalry_nicktoons_06


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