Ntropic’s Nate Robinson Receives Autodesk Flame Award

nate_robinsonSynonymous with creativity, technical expertise, and sheer Flame talent, one only has to see Nate Robinson’s work to understand why he inspires so many – so much so that at this year’s Flame Award event, Nate received a special recognition award for Artistic and Technical Achievement.

Nate is Creative Director, VFX Supervisor, director and founder of Ntropic. He built Ntropic on the premise that filmmaking should be a multi-disciplinary process: from production, editing, VFX, and post production to music and sound. He fills multiple roles from Creative Director to VFX Supervisor and digital artist on commercials, feature films, and music videos.

Ntropic is a visual studio focused on intelligent storytelling and brand communications through elegant and conceptual design, production, color and visual effects

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