‘Game of Thrones’ Title Sequence Reimagined For hootsuite.com

A little while ago, Hootsuite (which recently raised a whopping $165 million in funding) showed us why “social media Winter was coming” via this infographic. Now, the company goes further, with “Social Media Game of Thrones,” which uses the HBO show’s beautiful opening sequence but turns into into a place where different social media kingdoms are at war with each other. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more all arise with high walls — each representing one of the Seven Kingdoms from the hit show.

Just like at the start of the show, geometric buildings emerge section by section from a flat plane as you fly over them from above. Each of the kingdoms has characteristics and features unique to the social network they represent, from Google’s YouTube coliseum to the big job market of LinkedIn. There are also a few hidden easter eggs—see how many you can find.




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