PandaPanther Forms Unholy Alliance for “Masks”

Renowned New York animation geniuses Jonathan Gorin and Naomi Nishimura of PandaPanther in New York, have created a Braveheart-meets-Care Bears battlefield drama in the new Zune Arts film, ‘Masks.’

A war between angry robots and paunchy blue critters set to the dark, brooding sounds of Austin The Black Angels, the film explores how peace can be better achieved by trading perspectives, not blows.

“PandaPanther have a wonderful knack for expressing complex ideas in simple ways. We talked a lot about the transformative power of seeing the world through another person’s perspective. It’s a heady concept but they found a way to make it clear, fun, ridiculous and provocative all at the same time. Someone should ask them to solve global warming and see what they come up with.” Glenn Cole, Creative Director, 72andSunny.

Zune Arts
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Animation: PandaPanther
Music: ‘Young Men Dead’ / The Black Angels
Creative Direction: 72andSunny

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