motion TV 2012 Advisory Board Announced

motion TV announces the 2012 motion advisory board – a talented team of outstanding creatives ready to take motion to the next level.

2012_advisory_boardAlexandre Bartholo: WeDoVideo – Tokyo
Erik van der Wilden: nailgun* – NYC
Jamie Monberg: Hornall Anderson – Seattle
Jessie Nagel: Hype – Los Angeles
Joel Pilger: impossible – Denver
Karin Fong: Imaginary Forces – NYC
Mark Tapio Kines: Cassava Films – Los Angeles
Michael Waldron: nailgun* – NYC
Neville Spiteri: Wemo Media – Los Angeles
Patrick Yonally: Impact Entertainment – Los Angeles
William Lebeda: Picture Mill – Los Angeles
The motion advisory board plays an active role in guiding the content and direction of our annual event – motion.

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