Sweeney Todd Titles Nominated for Best Film & TV Graphics

Th1ng Sweeney Todd title sequence has been nominated for Best Film and TV Graphics by the British Animation Awards. The awards recognise the most memorable examples of animation in the UK and will be held on March 13th 2008.

The Sweeney Todd title sequence is a narrative led combination of live action and animation and was directed by Th1ng title director, Richard Morrison and design director, Shay Hamias.

Morrison, who has previously worked with Tim Burton on the memorable opening titles to Batman, said he was delighted at the news and hopeful that the sequence will help the Oscar nominated movie to be a major success in 2008.

‘The making of the sequence involved an army of CG and compositing experts and took over three months. We are delighted that this has been recognised by a leading industry panel and look forward to the awards gala’.

Living up to the Burton legacy, the title sequence opens as a suspenseful and eerie narrative with blood oozing pictures. It foreshadows the film action and establishes the mood and visual character of the plot. The sequence, a mini movie of its own, has initially functioned as a promotional trailer to the movie.

Dominic Buttimore, Th1ng executive producer said: ‘The success of this title sequence has once again brought Richard Morrison name to the top of the title directors’s league table’.

About Th1ng
Th1ng is a leading animation and mixed media production company, creating commercials, idents and title sequences for film and TV. Th1ng is pronounced ‘thing one ‘. www.th1ng.com

Richard Morrison previous feature film titles have included Event Horizon, High Fidelity, The Constant Gardener, Seven Years in Tibet , Dirty Pretty Things, Brazil , Gandhi, Hellraiser, The Killing Fields, A Passage to India , Memphis Belle and Quadrophenia.

Dominic Buttimore has been producing animation and live action for 22 years. He moved into producing at 20 and has run a number of production companies since. After 5 years as head of the 3D CGI dept. at the Moving Picture Company he founded his own company ” Th1ng “. He has won many coveted advertising awards for his work, including D& AD, BTAA and Creative Circle . He currently works with 15 directors at Th1ng creating commercials, graphics and film titles.

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