motion+connect features stereo 3D pros on 7.12.11

Stereoscopic 3D has come of age with the success of films like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, and the entertainment industry is abuzz with interest in finding fast, efficient workflows that deliver quality results on reliable schedules. 

In the third installment of the motion+connect Summer Series, Chris Meyer – principal at Crish Design and leading After Effects expert – presents After Effects: Stereoscopic 3D. He’ll be sharing ideas and techniques on how to use the new Stereo Camera Rig plus the greatly improved 3D camera depth of field blur in Adobe After Effects CS5.5 to create watchable stereo experiences for video, web, and other delivery means.

Next up, the motion+connect QuickFix features a live interview with Creative Director William Lebeda, of Picture Mill. William will talk with motion+connect host, Elaine Montoya about the creative side of stereoscopic 3D and about the process of creating title designs for feature films – and what changes when taking stereo 3D into consideration.

Picture Mill is a motion design studio deeply rooted in the traditional tenets of graphic design and filmmaking and is well-known for their title design work for feature films, including Mission Impossible III, Dreamgirls, The Green Hornet and many more. Designing for stereoscopic 3D is a growing area of expertise for Picture Mill.

Watch Picture Mill title sequences on

Crish Design is an award-winning motion graphic design studio. The Meyers are authors of the well-known reference book Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, considered the bible in its field, as well as the best-selling introductory After Effects/motion graphics book, After Effects Apprentice. Crish Design has done work for NBC, ABC, HBO, Fox, TLC, New Line, and Paramount, plus corporations ranging from Apple to Xerox.

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