Directorz’ Jeff Bednarz Visits Deep Woods For Off

Itching to get into summer fun? The spot for OFF® Deep Woods® Dry via Draft FBC is a reminder that the wilderness experience can come with some unwanted pests. The spot, directed by Directorz’ Jeff Bednarz, was shot in a 200-year-old managed sequoia plantation in Santiago, Chile and features visual effects by Technicolor Montreal.directorz_off_deep_woods_06.11_02

The unique forest condition of trees lined up from east to west, enabled director Jeff Bednarz and his DP Mark Thomas, shooting with the Alexa, to retain the continuity of the light with every angle, key to the seamless integration of the visual effects by Technicolor. The project was a departure from Bednarz’ real people work and a leap into the realm of shooting with effects as a central character, on a production that was truly International.directorz_off_deep_woods_06.11_03


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