Zoic Studios Introduces New Version Of Iconic NBC Logo

NBC Magic hired Zoic Studios to create a piece for the 2011 Upfronts that would help usher in a new chapter for NBC by introducing the 2011 version of the iconic peacock logo.



zoic_2011_nbc_logo_03zoic_2011_nbc_logo_04zoic_2011_nbc_logo_04Azoic_2011_nbc_logo_06The concept, created by Brad Gensurowsky and Gus Vouniozos of NBC Magic, was to artfully move through different logos of the past starting in the 50s and progressing through the different eras until arriving at the unveiling of the new logo. The unveiling of the new logo is significant as it coincides with the arrival of the new chairman of NBC Entertainment, Bob Greenblatt.

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