Version2 Create Serenity for Grey Goose

Version2 and @Radical Media Create Serenity for Grey GooseKieran Walsh of Version2 creates the stunning VFX, collaborating directly with editor Vito DeSario, for director Andrew Zuckerman producing a dazzling 24-panel installation for Grey Goose Vodka to be showcased in the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport which opened to the public March 27th.

Set to a soothing, rhythmic soundtrack, the cool, crisp essence of the vodka is captured via a choreographed dance in a mirrored world.

“Creatively, the project was very satisfying as we had more latitude for experimental work than most projects allow. The structure of the two minute piece was a loose narrative of making a martini for the first chapter, then a vodka tonic for the second. Using that as our road map, we were able to explore many abstract and intriguing compositions with unexpected transitions taking us from one world to the next. Our aim was to create something that would be sympathetic to the contemporary space, while imparting the Grey Goose branding throughout.” Kieran Walsh, V2’s Lead VFX Artist/CD.

Autodesk Inferno was the primary tool for the project, which gave us the speed and interactivity necessary to develop the project right through the finishing process. We shot everything using the Phantom HD camera and the approach for the piece was to create as much as possible using this live action.

The only actual CG used was for the product shots. Even there, our technique was to projection map live action onto the CG bottles in Inferno. To achieve this, we shot the bottles on a turntable rotating a full 360 degrees, giving us the ability to show them from any angle required. This was beneficial because it gave us the flexibility to choreograph the moves in post, while retaining a photorealistic look for the product throughout.

About Version2:
The Version2 group includes editorial and VFX/motion design divisions working collaboratively and independently in the commercial, film and broadcast arenas. The editorial roster is comprised of Owner Vito DeSario, Tina Mintus, Micah Scarpelli, Rick Waller, Jane Keller and Mark Thomas. The VFX/motion design division is headed by Creative Director Kieran Walsh, Art Director/Flame Artist Nick Schlumpf, Designers/Animators Craig Davis, Michael McKenna and online editor Tim Farrell. Kathy Misrock is Head of Business Development and Sales, Frank Devlin is Head of Production.

The Creds:
Client: Grey Goose
Spot Title: World Duty Free

Agency/Prod Co: @Radical Media
Director: Andrew Zuckerman
ECD: James Spindler
CD(s): Anne Johnson, Fritz Simon
EP: Greg Carlesimo
Post Producer: Kevin Fitzpatrick
Line Producer: Veronica Madrigal Editorial/Post/VFX: Version2
Lead VFX Artist: Kieran Walsh
Editor: Vito DeSario
Assistant Editor: Andrew Doga
Head of Production: Frank Devlin
Producer: Anne Verschoor

Music and Sound Design: TomAndAndy
Producer: Amy Saunders

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